Hot Summer Fashion Trends

Don’t waste your time strolling up and down the aisles of department stores that don’t enable you to achieve your glamour goals.  This year, the Plus Sized Beauty fashion team has done all the work for you.  We know what’s hot and what’s not; and just as importantly, we know where to go to find these looks for women with curves.Radar Look Image 2

As a recovering shopaholic and a want-to-be diva, if there is one thing that I know, it’s fashion.  And I find the old adage that women don’t dress for men, they dress for other women, to be spot on.  I can’t walk by a woman, any woman, without checking out what she’s wearing.  It’s like breathing (or maybe shopping in my case) – an involuntary process.

I just can’t help it, if a woman walks anywhere within my peripheral view, I am going to check out her look. My fashion radar is automatically set on high alert. There is no shame in appreciating the style of others and adopting what you like. I believe the saying goes ‘imitation is the highest form of flattery.’ But I must admit, in the naivety of my youth, I used to hate on those lovely ladies who looked  oh so fabulous and knew it. Now, I know better.

These days, I’ve got nothing but love for any woman rocking her personal style with confidence.  From my mother’s sophisticated traditional style, to my sister’s retro Bohemian flair, I celebrate every woman’s individual taste. From  shabby chic to Parisian pomp,  I have but one thought in mind when I see a gal owning her look with confidence, “you go girl.”

Refresh Button

It’s time to hit the “refresh” button for your summer wardrobe and infuse a splash of color into your closet. Add a few vibrant patterned tops or bottoms to stay on trend and energized for summer. And what better way to stand out from the crowd than adding a splash of hichiya persimmon .  Yes, that’s right, this summer the color of choice is hichiya persimmon. Rock it in a skirt. Roll with it in a dress. You can even sport it on your shoes.  Wait, wait, wait a minute.  Hichee-per-what? I know, I know … I had to look that one up too.Persimmon Paint 2

Hichiya persimmon is just a fancy-schmancy way to say orange-colored. I find the more expensive the outfit the fancier the color reference.  Persimmon, melon, apricot, coral, papaya, firefly, yam, tangerine, orange sorbet, marmalade or sherbet.  I’ve seen them all on price tags this year.  Translation, go and get your orange on girl, it is the new black.

Now that you know what accent color to look for to spice up your closets, make sure that you add skirts and dresses with stripes and bold geometric patterns to your clothing repertoire.  As they say, everyone in Hollywood is doing it. Emma Rossum was spotted sporting an adorable striped above the knee winner on the streets of NYC earlier this month. And did you happen to see what Beyonce (Mrs. Carter) wore to Kanye’s birthday party? Yep, stripes (top and bottom) and guess what color pumps she sported – hichiya persimmon (wink). Louise Roe (the BBC’s The Clothes show) and Khloe Kardashian also recently rocked bold orange striped tube dresses at media events.  I could go on, but you get the idea.

Almost every Hollywood star and starlet alike from Nashville’s Hayden Panettiere to Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz are all sporting bold stripes and geometric patterns in front of the paparazzi. So don’t be the last to join the bandwagon. If you can’t decide what to throw on before heading out the door, go with a splash of orange and a bold striped skirt and you’ll walk out the door a winner.

Another trend this summer is peplum detailing. Peplum is just a short “overskirt” typically added to fitted jackets and skirts. It’s a nice detail that helps accentuate the curves of your hips and define your waist line. You’ll find peplum details on  so many things this summer, from rompers to socks. Yes, even socks! I had a boutique owner actually try to sell me a pair of “peplum couture” socks! Cute on 4-month old baby girl with white booties, no doubt. But peplum socks on my feet? Oh no, child.

Ivanka Trump_ZapposeSpeaking of accentuating your feet.  When the temperatures rise above 80 degrees, who wants to wear socks anyway? Not this chick.  So pick out a trendy pair of wedges and rock them with confidence. Your feet will love you for it (especially in the humid months of July and August). This girl happens to think wedges make every outfit look just a little bit sexier.  And for all of my shorties (anyone on the +/- side of 5’) out there, it’s a comfortable way to add some height.

We all love maxi dresses, how can you not?  Perfect for summertime.  Long, flowing and breezy.  But this summer, fit and flare skirts and dresses with fun and flirty high-low hems are all the rage.  If you’ve got the gams, you must add at least one high-low hem line to your rotation. It’s a great way to tease … you know, give ‘em a glance without revealing the whole kit and caboodle.Yellow Cami_SWAK 6

As for tops … let’s face it, it’s hot and sticky out there. So the summer staples haven’t changed. Escape the heat and humidity with fabrics that breathe. We love colorful crocheted, lace and knit tops. They look hot while keeping you cool. Speaking of keeping cool, has anyone else noticed that half the country is trapped in a heat wave; 115° in Palm Springs and 118° in Phoenix??? Hey, it may sound like sacrilege for a fashion diva, but forget fashion when it’s that hot outside. I mean I’m all about never letting weather dictate your style, but with those temps all bets are off – that’s walk-around-naked hot. Check out some of our favorite looks that let you look hot while staying cool, in beat the heat.

There is no doubt I could go on and on.  I clearly have the gift (or curse) of gab, but why bother. It is so much more fun to look at outfits rather than talk about them.  So, we’ve picked out a number of trendy tops, dresses and skirts that we love for this summer.  Check them out in hot trends. We’ve also highlighted hot glamour wedges we like in our Must Haves section.  For those of you heading to the beaches or resort pools this year, be sure to look at our top swimwear picks.  We have picked out a number of one-pieces and bikinis for ladies with curves.  We’ve also chosen a wide selection of cover-ups ranging from more modest to the I’m sexy and I know it.

So take a look.  We hope it’s helpful.  I’m  confident, curvy and loving it. I think you should be too!