Plus Sized Beauty

At Plus Sized Beauty we seek to provide a comprehensive online shopping resource for the clothing needs of plus-sized women.

As an advocate for women with curves, we believe that you are beautiful just the way you are. Our team celebrates the individuality and uniqueness of all women, regardless of their shape or size.

We have 3 core principles that drive the work we do.  We believe that …

♦ All women are beautiful and should be celebrated.

♦ Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.

♦ You deserve on-trend clothing that fits comfortably without compromising style.

We understand that women with enhanced curves have specific clothing requirements that are far too often either ignored, or woefully underserved by designers, department stores and mass market retailers.

As such, the Plus-Sized Beauty team seeks to provide a useful online resource to help you more easily find the clothing options you want and deserve.  In addition to our shopping directories, we also provide life style content through our blogs where we seek to address some of the challenges faced by curvaceous women in their personal and professional lives.

At Plus-Sized Beauty, we believe that every woman deserves to convey her personal sense of style without limitation. In order to help enable you to reach your ‘glamour goal,’ we have endeavored to create a comprehensive online directory for plus-sized clothing options.

We understand that today’s women have a limited amount of free time. Thus, we’ve attempted to remove much of of the leg work for you. Our goal is to provide our community with access to as many clothing options as possible with a wide spectrum of styles and price points from designers and retailers that cater to  your clothing needs.

We know that women in 2013 are sophisticated, with varied professional and leisure interests and you need outfits that can go everywhere you are; from the board room to a beach bungalow.

The team at Plus-Sized Beauty is here to help you succeed in your professional and personal lives.